Go Green "REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE" by Design with innoXstatic!


The Next Generation of Sticky Notes and Whiteboards

innoXstatic’s - patented Electrostatic added charged, poly-paper sheets sets the new standard for tactile communications and forward planning tools.

Providing - Notes / Art-Pads / Whiteboards, for Home, Office and Schools that "Cling-N-Slide" over Most Smooth, Dry Surfaces.

 innoXstatic’s - Static charged products are available in multiple colours, sizes, and shown to be cost effective with long lasting full surface cling.

Child Safe, Tear Resistant, Eco-Friendly and No Harmful Adhesives - Glue Free.

"Reusable and Recyclable - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee"

innoXstatic Product Collections


3 Sizes | 6 Colours

innoXstatic-Notes are an alternative to traditional sticky notes using added electrostatic charge instead of glue to cling to almost any dry, clean surface.

They are ideal for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualizing tasks, project planning, mind mapping, working in teams, playing games with friends, and many other uses.

The white side is dry erasable, reusable. and recyclable.


2 Sizes | 6 Colours


Art-Note Pads are the same as innoXstatic Notes, only larger in size. 

Also, providing the same added static charge instead of glue to cling to almost any dry, clean surface and make great small Mini-Writing-Boards for your wall, desktop and/or conference tables.

innoXstatic Art-Note Pads, are best for creative arts, drawing, tracing, colouring, mind mapping, writing musical scores, and clinging instant bulletins, promotions and/or artwork around the home, office, school classrooms. 

2 Sizes A5 & A4 | colours: yellow, green, orange, pink, blue, and white | 50 sheets per Pad.

The white side is dry erasable and reusable.

Static Whiteboards

Sheets/Tube 10 or 20 x 23"x 33" (59x84cm) | Mini-Sheets/pad 50 x 11.6"x 16.5" (29.7x42cm) White & Clear


Providing Added Value with Easy-to-Use, Long Lasting, Eco-Friendly, Low Cost, Applies (Clings) to Any Dry Surface, Sustainable Community Centred. "Dry-Erase Both Sides"

Project Planner Kits

5 Kit Sizes [Small to xxLarge]

Change The Way You Organize!

Like nothing you've ever seen before, we're introducing a new synthetic (poly-paper) film technology with added electrostatic charge for your Notes and Whiteboards which, will help simplify your tactile planning needs with easy "Cling-N'-Slide" post its; moveable with no sticky mess or any harmful adhesive glues.


Protective Transparent Covers

4 Precut Sizes From 4"x 8" -to- 11.6"x 15.5"

These transparent sheets are attached onto the surface of different devices to protect the device from dirt and scratches and to avoid direct contact with device surface.

Protects Hospital Equipment | Manufacturing Machines | Computer Screens/Printers | Payment Terminals | Scales, etc..

The sheets clings with static electricity, so no glue or tape is needed. The sheets can be written on with permanent and/or dry-erase markers both sides.

Take Note Markers

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